Our company is one of Europe's leading suppliers of tropical mix recycled used clothing and winter mix used clothing.

We specialize in the grading, processing and recycling of used clothing, the United Kingdom and Jersey, Channel Islands. Parisma sells quality grades of second-hand recycled used clothing for export on a Pan-European and worldwide basis. The grades of recycled used clothing available are as follows: Crème, Grade A, Grade B and Pakistan quality.

The main importing countries are Italy, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany and the USA whilst exportation takes place all over the world and the company handles transport personally. If you have any other requests for items that are outside the standard range of products shown, or any special requirements regarding packing, shipping or payment arrangements, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.


We export second-hand and used shoes to world markets.

As a result of our relationships and long term commitments, Parisma is able to export used shoes at a low cost and obtain the highest quality of United Kingdom & USA branded shoes. Our range extends to classic shoes, fashion and ladies shoes, trainers and shoes for children. All grades available for export including crème and vintage shoes.

All our second hand clothing products are graded in different qualities and packed in a variety of package sizes, which enables us to handle almost all of our customers' needs.

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